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Dr. A.J. Chandler (The founder of the city)

In 1891, Dr. Alexander John Chandler, the principal veterinary specialist for the domain of Arizona, purchased 80 sections of land from the national government in the Salt River Valley south of Mesa. Dr. Chandler reviewed the generally new exploration of water system designing and was instrumental in building an early arrangement of trenches in what was then a bone-dry desert.

By the turn of the century, Dr. Chandler possessed 18,000 acre of land farm. The sanction of the Salt Waterway Extend gave that every landowner could acquire enough water to flood just 160 acre of land. Dr. Chandler looked for the assistance of organizers and draftsmen in subdividing his farm and drawing up a town site delineate. He then publicized broadly the offer of Chandler Farm sites.

Dr. Chandler opened the town site office on May 17, 1912. Arizona Eastern Railroad brought 300 people. They spent $50,000 to buy land in the town site.

At that time the town was made of just three wooden cabins. The town site office, the Morrison Grocery and a dining hall.  After one year Chandler was looking forward to make a settled and established town.

On November 22, 1913, inauguration of the Hotel San Marcos took place in the town. Governor George P. Hunt and Vice President Thomas Marshall were present in the ceremony. Every winter due to the wealthy visitors coming from all over the country the hotel business was flourished.

The biggest business in Chandler at the time was agriculture. Farmers of Chandler raised ostriches which were used in manufacturing of popular women’s fashion dresses. The economy of the city was getting better day by day. During World war-I demand of staple cotton was very high. Cotton was in abundant in Chandler lands that time. 8000 acres land was leased by the Goodyear Tire Company from Chandler. This company built the town of Goodyear in Chandler city.

The population of Chandler became 1000 by 1920. Automobiles were being used as source of transportation. Therefore new paved roads were built. The sewage systems and the water system were then improved.

The first charter of town was drafted by Arthur Price. Dr. Chandler served as the first mayor in 1920. The U.S. Army Air Corps constructed a fighter pilot training base east of Chandler in 1941.

Dr. Chandler passed away in 1950. At that time population of Chandler was significantly raised. It was about thirty eight hundred. The status of the town was upgraded to City on May 24, 1954. Today population of Chandler City has reached more than 240,000. The Chandler City is contributing in Countries economy through its good manufacturing and electronics sectors.

Chandler Industries

Chandler Industries was established by Chandler Olson, who in 1962 began his modest machine shop in Montevideo MN. Mr. Olson worked perseveringly all through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to develop the business he had established and was viable in doing so. After a long and fruitful career, he sold the flourishing venture to new proprietors in 1986 to retire.

In 2011 Arch Equity Partners obtained Chandler Industries in the wake of being attracted to the business, its ability and its people. After the underlying procurement by Arch Equity Partners in 2011, Chandler experienced noteworthy development through natural means and additionally various vital acquisitions which have permitted Chandler to extend the ability and capacity it offers to its clients and customers.

The head quarter of Chandler Industries is in Minneapolis MN. The Chandler Industries is capable of manufacturing heavy machineries, assemblies and fabrications. They deal with customers within Medical, Aerospace, Industrial, Defense markets and other markets. The Industry is perfect choice for customers seeking a trustworthy manufacturing partner. It is particularly positioned to offer its clients a really custom fitted arrangement by drawing on the assembling mastery from its 5 working divisions to make a savvy world class production network arrangement.

The central goal of the company is to make a Chandler brand. So that the brand can positions them as the provider of decision for precision machined and created segments and assemblies inside their served markets by giving the most noteworthy incentive through client responsiveness, specialized capability, and imaginative incline producing methods that reliably conveys world class quality and conveyance execution to their customers.

The Chandler Industries can produce parts within a 40” cube work area ranging from micro class to 5-axis parts using their 225 machining centers of different configurations. By attracting and retaining differing ability at all levels and by ensuring leadership involvement and ownership the Chandler Industries are improving the diversity of their workforce. They are making sure that their implementations and practices are fair and non discriminatory. The Arrow division, Stremel Division and Montevideo Division of Chandlers Industries are registered with AS 9100.

The Chandler Industries is providing job opportunities to the people of Chandler city and their contribution is remarkable in increasing employment rate in Chandler city. The Chandler Industries is playing a vital role in the economy of Chandler Arizona and they are fairly contributing in the development of nation economy.